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Audiology and Hearing Aid Services

When you have issues with your hearing and need some help, you want to contact experts. Dr. Meg Kalady, our audiologist at Kalady Audiology, can answer your questions and make sure you get the services you need.

Hearing problems can happen for many reasons, but whatever the reason, every patient wants to know what can be done to increase hearing capability. We are here to begin that process and find solutions as quickly as possible. In order to get you the best treatment possible, we offer a comprehensive list of services and hearing solutions, including:  

In all these areas, patient care is paramount. Addressing hearing problems and receiving care in the form of a hearing aid is a big step for patients. They want clear and complete explanations of hearing problems and solutions.

Hearing tests at Kalady Audiology

During a hearing evaluation, you will be tested for the type and extent of hearing loss. The testing is simple and brief, in general, and involves your ability to hear tones and speech at various levels. This gives your audiologist the specifics of your particular hearing problem. At Kalady Audiology, the hearing tests provide our audiologist with a complete picture of what your hearing health is and how we can help you communicate better. 

Discussing your hearing test results

If our hearing tests indicate you have a hearing loss, our audiologist will sit down with you to explain the results and what they mean. We will also look for any possible medical issues that could be causing your hearing loss. Next, our audiologist will discuss what options are available to help you hear better, what we can do to improve your hearing ability. We may recommend amplification if we feel you would benefit from it. 

Hearing aid evaluation at Kalady Audiology

After we’ve discussed your hearing test results and if you decide on pursuing amplification, we will perform a hearing aid evaluation. This will be a separate appointment and will involve evaluating your performance with multiple hearing aids. Additionally, we will assess your lifestyle and listening needs to help determine what the best model and level of technology would be for you. 

Hearing aid fitting

At the hearing aid fitting, we will instruct you on insertion and removal, along with teaching you the proper care and maintenance of your new hearing aids. Hearing aids are finely tuned instruments and often need adjustments over time. We provide these services quickly and thoroughly for every patient.

Hearing protection at Kalady Audiology

Finally, we understand that hearing protection is the best way to preserve the hearing ability you currently have. The Kalady staff is trained to help you with earplugs and other items designed to offer this protection. We will evaluate your lifestyle and risk factors and recommend the best hearing protection for your personal needs.

If you’re ready to take control of your hearing today, schedule an appointment with our audiologist and see what Kalady Audiology can do for you!