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3 Options for Fixing Your Hearing Aids

3 Options for Fixing Your Hearing Aids

When it comes to fixing your hearing aids, there are several main options that you have. The option that you can use depends on the severity of the problem and your technical understanding of hearing aids.

Here are the primary options that you have if a problem occurs to your hearing aids.

1. Fix it yourself

Many problems that occur to hearing aids are actually relatively easy to solve. In these cases, there is a good chance that you will be able to resolve the issue yourself. For example, if your hearing aid has no sound coming out of it, then this can mean that the volume has simply been turned down. If this is the case, then you can fix this by turning the volume back up. Low sound can be an indication that earwax has built up in the device. You can fix this by cleaning your device, and removing the earwax.

2. Have your audiologist fix it

Audiologists are not engineers. However, they often know a lot about hearing aids. This means that many audiologists can resolve hearing aid issues up to a certain level of complexity. For example, audiologists can often install new parts or use advanced cleaning methods. They also know how to optimize the settings for your ears. Further, they can clean earwax from your ears, which can sometimes cause issues with hearing aids. All of these things can be extremely helpful when it comes to fixing issues with your hearing aids.

3. Manufacturer hearing aid repair

If your audiologist is unable to fix your hearing aid due to extreme structural damage or defects with the internal components, they may have to send it back to the manufacturer for repairs This option is usually a last resort, and is only used if the first two methods don’t work. That is because the first two options are usually easier and quicker. However, some issues, such as severe damage to the parts in the hearing aid will not be able to be fixed by an audiologist in many cases.

Hearing aids are incredibly advanced pieces of technology. And while they are durable for their size, they have many delicate pieces and components, which can cause issues if they’re malfunctioning. If you’re struggling with your hearing aids, schedule a visit with your audiologist to let them evaluate the devices.