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3 Reasons to Visit an Audiologist

3 Reasons to Visit an Audiologist

Your ears and hearing ability connect you to the rest of the world.

Whether it’s the warning blare of a siren or the sweet trill of a bird, it’s easy to take good hearing for granted. Over time our hearing often becomes less sharp, and it may take some years before the deterioration bothers you enough to do something about it.

You may or may not be aware that an audiologist is the gold standard when it comes to looking after your hearing. But apart from hearing loss, what other reasons are there to visit?

Let’s sound out the reasons.

1. Annual visit

While you may not consider scheduling an annual visit to have your hearing checked, preventative care is incredibly important – for every sense. Getting your hearing checked regularly establishes a baseline and allows the audiologist to spot the earliest signs of hearing degradation.

This matters for many reasons, such as:

  • Hearing loss treated early, responds more quickly
  • Treating mild hearing loss can slow the overall deterioration
  • Certain changes in your audiogram can give clues to early heart disease
  • Correction of hearing loss keeps you connected socially, which protects your mental and physical health

You may think your hearing is OK, but are you best placed to judge? Remember, it’s human nature to accept small health changes, which as time goes by, can add up to a major loss.

2. Ear trauma

From being close to an explosion to standing next to a speaker at a rock concert, we can accidentally traumatize our hearing. Damage can also result as a complication of certain medications or health problems such as meningitis or Meniere’s disease.

Consulting with an audiologist allows you to make decisions about what’s best for your hearing, such as:

  • Learning about ear defenders or earplugs to protect your hearing in future
  • Identifying which medication is damaging your hearing, and suggest a different therapy
  • Advise you about the right hearing devices to improve the function you do have

3. Earwax impaction

You know the expression “Too much of a good thing”? Well, this very much applies to excessive earwax. A big build-up of wax can plug your ear canal, mute your hearing, but be difficult to shift.

Some of the home remedies used to clean out earwax (such as cotton tips) are enough to make an audiologist shudder. Leave ear cleaning to the professionals who can shift the excess in a safe, pain-free way, without danger of impaction or rupturing the eardrum.

In short, if you have an ear-related problem, then an audiologist is the qualified medical professional best placed to determine the nature of the problem. From hearing tests to surgical procedures on the ear, from fitting hearing devices to teaching expression reading, an audiologist is your one-stop shop for all things hearing related. Hear what we’re saying?