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Hearing Aid Features You Should Consider

Hearing aid

Hearing aids have many options — some which are considered “a must.” However, there are some features hearing aid features that are not necessarily needed by all users.

So when it comes to picking the features you want in your hearing aids you should first consider your lifestyle. What do you do every day and what features would help you every day to make your life easier? Also consider things that you might do on a weekly, monthly or seasonal basis as they could also play a factor in which hearing aid features you should choose.

Consider your work environment, your home environment, your play environment(s) as well as the people you interact with often as well as those that your interact with not so often. Consider the way in which you communicate with other, is it mostly face to face or is it via telephone, cellphone, email or video chats? All of the ways in which you communicate with people in your life can affect the features you may want in your hearing aids.

Feature to consider: Programs

Consider these three questions first: How many programs do you want? How many programs do you need? How many programs will your hearing aid of choice accommodate? The number of programs you want versus the number of programs actually needed may vary. Most of the time people will have two to three programs in their hearing aids, such as quiet environments, loud environments or for music, the telephone or Bluetooth connectivity.

Feature to consider: Volume Control

Do you think you will need or would like the option of changing the volume of your hearing aids? This many not be for everyone. For some as long as the hearing aid programs are programed to their needs in each environment they are fine to wear and use their hearing aids daily with not problems. However, sometimes a person may want to have a little bit more volume when watching TV with the family or a little less volume when at the football game. It all depends on you, your lifestyle and your volume needs.

Feature to consider: Reduction Options

There are many different reduction options that can be programmed into your hearing aids, such as feedback reduction, wind reduction, noise reduction, etc. Feedback reduction and noise reduction are the most common complaints and the most needed by most users. However, depending on where you live or what you do, wind reduction may be a needed option as well. Be sure to discuss with the audiologist the different reduction options you can get for your hearing aid.

Feature to consider: Bluetooth

It seems today everything can connect to Bluetooth. While this is a very good thing, this feature is not necessarily needed by all hearing aid users. For some they will use this feature daily, if not multiple times a day, while others will never use it. For some, instead of the Bluetooth feature they may want the telephone feature, which helps to increase the volume sound coming from the telephone while decreasing feedback that can occur while on the telephone.

Selecting the right hearing aids can feel overwhelming, but your audiologist will help make recommendations for you based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and budget needs. Talk more with your audiologist about the features most appropriate for your specific needs.