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The Possible Outcomes of a Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting Appointment

You’ve taken the hearing test and the results show you need hearing aids to increase your hearing ability. You’ve talked with your audiologist and selected the devices that fit your specific hearing loss, lifestyle and budget needs. Next, comes the hearing aid fitting. This appointment is incredibly important because it allows the audiologist to educate you about the care and maintenance of your hearing aids, how to insert and remove them and other tips and tricks on their use. However, there are several different possible outcomes that can happen at a hearing aid fitting. Here is a closer look at these.

The hearing aids do not fit

It is only really possible to tell exactly how well the hearing aids will fit once you try them on. It is during the hearing aid fitting that you will figure out whether they fit properly or not. If they do not fit properly in your ear, then this is a major problem. That is because if they are too big, then you will most likely be very uncomfortable. However, if they are too small, then they could fall out and break. This is not desirable either. If your hearing aids do not fit properly, the audiologist will make the correct adjustments to ensure the right fit for your ears.

The hearing aids fit, but you do not like them

If the hearing aids fit, but you don’t like them, this could also be an issue. Perhaps you don’t like how they look when you put them on. Perhaps the sound isn’t what you were expecting. Ultimately, you and your ears need time to adjust to your new hearing aids, so don’t fear if you are a little uneasy with them at first. In general, it takes anywhere from two to four weeks to adjust to new hearing aids – and this includes actually getting used to wearing them again and getting accustomed to hearing all the sounds around you.

The hearing aids fit, and you do like them

This is the best possible result. If the hearing aids fit and you do like them, then it means that you should keep them and start wearing them immediately. If this is the case when you are in your fitting appointment, then your audiologist will program your hearing aids and give you instructions on how to use them properly.

Your audiologist will schedule a follow-up appointment with you in two weeks to one month to find out how you’re adjusting to your new devices and if any settings or programs need to be changed. Just be open and honest about your experience and your audiologist will work to tailor your hearing aid to your needs.