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Tinnitus Management

Tinnitus is the term used to describe the condition of having ringing, buzzing, or noise in the ear or originating from the head. The word tinnitus is Latin and literally means ringing.

Tinnitus affects over approximately 25 million Americans. Tinnitus is a symptom associated with many forms of hearing problems, but can also be a symptom of other health problems. Commonly, tinnitus is can be caused by:

  • Hearing loss
  • Exposure to loud noises
  • Medication
  • Earwax buildup or blockages
  • Head or neck injuries

What Treatments are Available?

A complete medical history, as well as a comprehensive audiologic examination will highlight likely causes of tinnitus and point to best treatment options, including:

  • Hearing Aids – Hearing Aids alone have been shown to decrease and sometimes complete relief from their tinnitus while wearing their devices.
  • Sound Therapy – Another common treatment is acoustic therapy or sound therapy. Sound therapy makes use of sounds to help the brain re-focus and diminish the emotional impact of the tinnitus. Many hearing instruments now incorporate some form of sound therapy for tinnitus sufferers. For some patients, this is enough, but Sound therapy may need to be enhanced with counseling, education, and other medical professionals.